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Hire effective managers and drive team performance.

Hire effective managers to drive team performance, foster a culture of excellence, and achieve organizational goals with our insightful test.

  • Hire effective managers and drive team performance.
  • Identify individuals with strong leadership and decision-making skills.
  • Improve employee engagement and team collaboration.
  • Streamline succession planning and identify high-potential leaders.
  • Enhance organizational effectiveness through competent managerial hires.


What identifies effective managers and drives team performance?

As a leader, our Managerial Assessment is tailored to help you identify and develop effective managers. Our assessments provide a holistic view of an individual's capabilities, including leadership potential, decision-making skills, and team management abilities. With our visual-based, language-agnostic approach, you can make objective talent decisions, foster leadership excellence, and drive overall team performance.

  • Leadership

    Inspiring and guiding teams to achieve goals, fostering a positive work environment, and driving organizational success.

  • Decision-Making

    Making sound judgments, considering multiple factors, and taking decisive actions to solve complex managerial challenges.

  • Communication

    Effectively conveying information, actively listening, and facilitating clear and transparent communication within the organization

  • Team Management

    Efficiently organizing and supervising teams, delegating tasks, and promoting collaboration to maximize productivity.

  • Strategic Planning

    Developing long-term strategies, setting goals, and aligning resources to achieve desired business outcomes

  • Performance Management

    Assessing employee performance, providing feedback, and implementing strategies to enhance individual and team effectiveness

  • Problem-Solving

    Identifying and resolving issues, applying creative thinking and analytical skills to drive effective solutions

  • Change Management

    Adapting to and leading organizational change, fostering resilience and innovation within teams

Different type of Managerial Assessment


Channel Sales

These include V&A Assessment, Coding Simulator Assessment, Chat Assessment and Social Media Assessment.


Channel Sales

These include V&A Assessment, Coding Simulator Assessment, Chat Assessment and Social Media Assessment.


Retail Sales

These include V&A Assessment, Coding Simulator Assessment, Chat Assessment and Social Media Assessment.


Tele Sales

These include V&A Assessment, Coding Simulator Assessment, Chat Assessment and Social Media Assessment.

How can the PMaps Managerial Assessment help you identify strong leaders within your organization?

The PMaps Managerial Assessment is a powerful tool designed to help organizations identify strong leaders who can drive success and effectively manage teams. Here’s how our assessment can assist you in identifying top-notch managerial talent:

Benefits for your organization:
Leadership Identification: Evaluate candidates’ leadership potential, strategic thinking, decision-making abilities, and motivational skills to identify individuals with the capacity to lead and inspire teams.
Team Performance Enhancement: Select managers who possess the right competencies to foster a positive work environment, drive team collaboration, and maximize overall team performance.
Succession Planning: Identify potential leaders who can be groomed for higher-level positions, ensuring a smooth transition and continuity in leadership.

Features that enhance your assessment process:
Comprehensive Managerial Assessment: Assess candidates’ leadership qualities, communication skills, problem-solving abilities, adaptability, and emotional intelligence to gauge their overall managerial potential.
Easy Integration: Seamlessly integrate our assessment with HRMS platforms and ATS, streamlining your recruitment process.
Quick Assessments and Real-Time Reports: Save time with fast assessments and receive real-time reports for prompt decision-making.
PMaps Invigilator: Ensure assessment integrity with our secure test delivery mode, preventing cheating or unauthorized assistance.
Data Security: Rest assured that your candidate and assessment data are protected with industry-leading security protocols.

Additional benefits:
Language Agnostic Assessments: Evaluate candidates from diverse backgrounds without language barriers or biases.
Unbiased Decision-Making: Remove manual errors and biases to make fair and objective hiring decisions.
ROI and Increased Productivity: Select managers who can effectively lead teams, resulting in improved productivity, employee satisfaction, and business outcomes.
Succession Planning: Identify future leaders who can take on key roles within your organization, ensuring long-term growth and continuity.

Choose the PMaps Managerial Assessment to identify strong leaders within your organization, enhance team performance, and foster a culture of effective leadership. Book a demo today and experience the power of our assessment platform. Strengthen your leadership pipeline and drive organizational success with the PMaps Managerial Assessment.

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