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PMaps Sales Assessment

PMaps Sales Assessment is a behavioral assessment specifically designed to perceive the sales orientation and behavior of an individual to map their suitability in the front line Sales profile. It enables you to hire sales forces in your organization who have the right attitude and aptitude to meet their target, contributing to the business growth. Through our Sales Assessment tool you can streamline the sales hiring process to recruit the ideal candidates.

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Sales Skills Assessment Software

Sales candidate assessment tools play a vital role when it comes to hiring the sales team. They not only help in expanding the revenue but,  are also the flag bearers of the company’s reputation. The sales team is also responsible for maintaining healthy long-term relationships with the customers.

Sales skills assessment software is an essential behavioral assessment software that is specifically curated to apprehend sales orientation, resilience, and amicable behavior of an individual, to evaluate their potential as a front-line sales worker.

The use of this sales skills assessment platform enables a firm to hire an impactful sales force whose skill set aligns with the objectives of the firm. Analysis of the critical sales skills of an individual is important because it is the salesperson who is responsible for bringing in new leads as well as acts as the representative of the company.

What to Expect from Sales Skills Assessment Software? 

Through the use of sales candidate assessment tools a firm can make an unbiased assessment of the sales skills of an individual and can streamline the sales hiring process to recruit the ideal candidate. The following competencies or traits are evaluated through the sales recruitment assessment by PMaps:
  • Perspective Taking

While hiring personnel for the sales force, it is crucial to understand whether they can recognize the existing circumstances and mental state of the people involved. It is equally important for such an employee to come up with a suitable course of action to deal with the problem.
  • Positivity

A seasoned sales candidate must have the ability to bounce back from a situation of crisis and must maintain a constructive approach without taking the failure personally. A person who has problem-solving instincts thinks of ways to come out of such a situation without wasting time and effort.
  • Motivation

For any employee to work efficiently in an organization it is important to stay dedicated and motivated towards the sales goals. One must have a strong desire to be financially stable and self-reliant. Through the sales skills assessment software, it is possible to determine how ambitious an individual is and an achievement-driven person contributes immensely when it comes to meeting the sales targets.
  • Ambiversion

    Customer interaction is a crucial aspect of sales and thus a sales personnel must be an ambivert, he must have a pleasant personality and eloquent communication skills to engage the customers. It is also important for the candidate to be a good listener.
Test details for the sales skills assessment platform are as follows:
  • Construct

    The sales skills assessment software is constructed to test the candidates through Multiple Choice Questions – Situational Judgement Test (SJT) comprising Audio and Pictures.

  • Duration

The test is 20 minutes long.
  • Norm Group

    This test caters to the age group of 21 to 35 years and can be undertaken by people who have experience of 0-3 years (freshers), >3 years and <7 years (mid-level), and >7 years (senior level), who are graduate or postgraduate.
 Benefits of sales candidate assessment tools for the firm
  • Improves the Performance of the Sales Team – Recruiting hard-working and sales-oriented candidates help in increasing the productivity of the sales team. A motivated workforce achieves the sales target with greater ease.
  • Achievement of Sales Quota – The targets set for a particular period when met, determine the success and seamless operations of the sales team. The candidates hired through rigorous sales recruitment assessment help in achieving the sales target with ease.
  • Reduces Onboard Time – When proper sales candidate assessment tools are employed, unfit sales candidates are eliminated at the initial stages. This ultimately contributes to reducing the overall onboarding time. Only those candidates who have the relevant job-specific skills are chosen.
  • Training and Development – Useful insights are gathered about the candidates as a result of sales skills assessment software as it reveals the area where the candidate might need training. Thus training and development programs can be organized in a way to impart those skills that the candidate requires.
 Critical skills Drawn Out During the Sales Skills Recruitment Assessment   PMaps serves as a host for several firms aiming to hire a front-line sales force as we are the leading providers of web and app-based solutions across the world. When hiring for the sales workforce specifically there are certain skills to look out for.
  • Client handling and excellent communication skills. For superior customer satisfaction, communication skills act as the foundation.
  • Resilience and a positive approach toward failure.
  • Self-motivation and ambition.
  • Problem-solving skills and critical thinking.
  • Convincing skills to convert a potential customer into a regular customer.
  • Team spirit and cooperative attitude toward team goals.
  • A high degree of responsibility and time management.
  • Active listener. Being completely aware and devoted while listening to the customer to ensure his requirements are attended to.
  • Negotiation and presentation skills.
  • Social skills and a friendly attitude.