2 Hiring Specs To Use While Hiring Customer Service Executives

Mark travelled through a connecting flight to Mumbai. When he reached to pick up his luggage, it was missing. He started to panic and rushed to the counter to talk to the customer service agent.

In the first scenario, the customer service executive had a poor choice of words, lazy grammar, and sounded unprofessional. While in the second scenario, the executive had a great command over the language, chose the right words, spoke clearly, and kept it professional. The first executive made the customer feel uncertain. Where on the other side, the executive used welcoming words from the vocabulary which demonstrated that he seemed happy to help the customer and not just complete the task. 

Let’s say you are HR Manager hiring customer service staff for an airline. Who would you hire from the above two? 

The first case is clearly a big red flag. Without an ounce of doubt, you will choose the SECOND ONE. Below are a few more examples of such red flags to lookout for while hiring customer service executives.

Around 72% of consumers see having to explain their problem to multiple people as ‘poor customer service.’ The core of customer service relies on EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION. Customer Service, which doesn’t involve providing solutions faster and with accuracy, can be of little use to the customers in this new world. 

“So I can hire someone who speaks the same language and the problem is solved, right?” WRONG!!!

Communication in customer service isn’t just about syncing the spoken language of the customer with the service agent. It goes far beyond that, covering the components that we generally overlook such as voice, accent, pronunciation, grammar, etc. By incorporating such components in your hiring you, you can hire the candidates who:

  • Communicate fluently, clearly and using the right words
  • Maintain a quicker TAT and keep the service efficient
  • Understand the queries better and provide the client resolutions 

So, here we are, sharing 2 Hiring Specs that can be used whether you are carrying out an assessment during hiring or an interview, so that you end up with the customer service executives with the best communication skills –

Want to know more about the other 3 other hiring specs associated with voice and accent based hiring? Check out our blog!!! 

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