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HR initiative in next 12 months – PMaps

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One of the top Human Resource Consultancy firm did a snap survey with Human Resource professionals asking them, “If you are not limited by resources (budget or people), which HR Technology project would you tackle this year?”

Around a hundred HR professional from India’s top listed companies responded to it.

Top two initiative came out to be: HR Analytics and Performance Management.

HR Analytics is being marked as the most valuable HR initiative in next 12 months. HR analytics allow professionals in the human resource function to identify current capabilities and competencies within organizations, detect any gaps and be proactive in the supply and demand of talent to support the business needs. HR analytics enable companies to quantify the return on human capital and improve human resource policies.

Second most valuable initiative in the next 12 months came out to be Performance Management. HR managers would like to utilize performance management technology to assess employees’ performance and identify employees who need additional training to reach their potential. No wonder HR Psychometric professionals are keen in measuring the returns of performance improvement plans and, an efficient performance management technology will surely serve the purpose.

PMaps is one of India’s leading analytics-based psychometric assessment firm, which specializes in pre and post hiring assessments for measuring and for improving returns on human capital through rational application of behavioral and data sciences.

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