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“I know you are tired, but come this way”, is how every Monday greets us.

After the mini vacation over the weekend with angelic Saturday and Sunday, the Monday blues sink in. It is associated with a set of negative emotions that many people go through at the first working day of the week. Disinterest, stress, lack of concentration and energy, laziness and extra cups of coffee to keep eyes wide open, kind of sums up the entire Monday.

“One bad fruit spoils the bunch”, is how the vibe at office is affected as well and the work productivity declines in totality. Lost in thoughts and no real participation in work, week starts moving ahead slow. Up comes Tuesday to be Monday #2 and then Wednesday that breaks the Monday shell. Every day seems to have more than 24 hours and the week stretches on with the upcoming weekend being that one bright spot on the horizon which pushes you on. At last you get into the groove, and work hard through Thursday, putting in the extra effort to greet Friday, making sure no one will call you on when you are having fun. Today you can dress down, and say hello to a day of distraction; a day to tie thing down, plan for the weekend, for the fun time with angelic Saturday and Sunday!

Thank God it’s Friday – time to get thinking about the weekend getaway with your buddies, daydreaming about the gig you are going to attend and the sandy beaches that await your arrival. The pre-outing and pre-party plan deciding day! The day the office does not follow a dress code and clients are busy doing their own nothing thing, too.

A week is seven days but days become longer with Monday being the longest and Friday becoming the shortest, defying logic. It is a paradox of our work-life balance that the balance is always tilted in favor of the work days and never the other way around to favour the holidays. It is so difficult to take a break, and when you do get a break it is always sweet but short, too short for wo/mankind, always.

One may search on the Internet various quotes to be motivated on Fridays and find ways to cut down the blues, but if a large number of employees tend to do the same always, having fluctuating performance, it becomes necessary to take care of such employees who may turn to be a burden for the organization. Organizations come up with different activities to keep employees active but none know how many are taking those activities positively. The actual behavior, attitude and perception of a person is very difficult to judge, especially, of a person with many mood swings. It is a must that organizations give an assessment that determines the behavior and traits of employees; one of the many such provided by our company, PMaps which will help to understand more about your people working in the organization.

But I still wonder why there are Mondays! There could be just a blank day that could be used to wash away the blues. In any case, Thank God For Friday! Not because I can daydream but so that I could return on Monday to begin my work with a fresh start.


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