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PMaps eVA is a ‘Voice & Accent Assessment tool’ that allows employers to hire potential candidates/employees by assessing their language skills – written or spoken that is required for effective communication with the customer. PMaps Voice and Accent test measure the candidate’s effectiveness in comprehending appropriate and delightful solutions to the customer. It also measures various competencies such as grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, fluency, pitch, clarity and pronunciation.

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Voice Assessment Tools

The voice assessment tools from PMaps help the organizations in evaluating the candidates based on their language skills including reading, speaking, writing, and solutioning traits. This voice assessment test software also helps in analyzing traits like grammar, vocabulary, fluency, context, pitch, comprehension, etc. that prove to be crucial when it comes to conducting effective communication with the customers. These skills reveal how effectively the candidates comprehend and deliver prompt solutions to the customers. PMaps’ online voice assessment test is designed to measure spoken English along with solutioning capabilities. The importance of spoken language in work culture is undeniable as it is the key feature that enables any verbal communication. To formulate the policies and procedures of the firm it is crucial that a candidate perceives spoken English and at the same time is able to articulate enough to respond appropriately in an intellectual manner.  

What to Expect from a Voice Assessment Test Software?

For oral communication to be successful, the user must be able to comprehend what is being said and draw out relevant information from the conversation. PMaps’ Voice and Accent Assessment Tool allows the employer to test the candidates based on the following competencies: –


  • Grammar –

    Through voice assessment tools it is easy to assess the candidate’s ability to communicate via grammatically accurate sentences. This enables an employee to form sentences that can be easily understood by others and are relevant to the conversation. 

  • Vocabulary –

    While evaluating the candidate’s spoken communication capabilities it is also important to evaluate the candidate’s command of the English language, his understanding of English words. Other than the candidate’s understanding of the meaning of various English words, evaluating whether he can use them in the right context is equally important.

  • Comprehension –

    Just listening to the conversation does not make it ideal, the ability of the candidate to comprehend and understand the given content can be easily evaluated through an online voice assessment test. Along with the understanding, offering relevant solutions is equally important. 

  • Fluency –

    An employee working in a firm would have to communicate with his colleagues, subordinates, superiors, and customers. Thus assessing a candidate’s pace and clarity in spoken conversation with others is important. 

  • Pronunciation –

    Assessing a candidate’s pronunciation gives insight into his abilities to produce a sound of words for making useful conversation. Voice assessment tools also help in judging an individual’s ability to communicate appropriately and articulately. 


The details of the online voice assessment test are as follows: –

  • Construct –

    The voice assessment software is constructed in a way that assesses candidates on several levels based on written and spoken communication, comprehension and solutioning simulations, situational scenario, audio, and image. 

  • Norm Group –

    This test is suitable for candidates within the age bracket of 24 to 30 years. They can be freshers having 0-3 years of experience with a graduate or postgraduate degree. 

  • Duration –

    The test is 20-30 minutes long. 


The use of voice assessment test software yields several benefits like: –


  • Enhances Customer Service –

    Evaluating the candidate’s communication, grammar, vocabulary, and other such skills helps in choosing the candidate that would prove to be the best fit in delivering customer-centric services.

  • Reduces the Average Call Handling time –

    An efficient communicator handles the customer queries with great ease and provides appropriate and concise solutions to their problems. 

  • Reduction in Onboarding Time –

    Eliminating unfit candidates at the initial stages helps in reducing the onboarding time as a result of the test only individuals whose skills match with the job profile are considered.

  • Training and Development –

    As a result of voice assessment test software, areas where the candidate lags are revealed. Thus the firm can take appropriate actions to arrange training programs to impart relevant skills.