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Gain the Edge in Channel Sales Hiring: Harness PMaps Assessment to Build a High-Performing Sales Force.

With PMaps Channel Sales Assessment, you can build a high-performing sales force that drives revenue growth, fosters strong partner relationships, and maximizes channel sales potential.

  • Identify top-performing sales talent for channel sales teams.
  • Streamline the hiring process with visual-based assessments.
  • Drive revenue growth and expand market reach.
  • Foster strong partner relationships and enhance collaboration.
  • Tailor training and development programs to optimize sales performance.
  • Ensure cultural fit within the sales team.


Key Competencies: Building a Winning Channel Sales Team

Our comprehensive Channel Sales Assessment is a game-changer in the hiring process, designed to identify the key competencies required for success in channel sales roles. With its visual-based approach, this assessment offers a unique advantage by providing an immersive and engaging experience for candidates. Our assessment not only benefits the recruitment and training teams by streamlining the selection process, but also empowers the sales teams by ensuring they have the right talent to drive revenue growth.

  • Relationship Building

    Establishing strong connections with channel partners to foster trust and maximize collaborative sales opportunities.

  • Communication Skills

    Effectively conveying information, listening actively, and building rapport to drive successful channel partnerships.

  • Influencing Skills

    Persuading and motivating channel partners to promote and sell products or services to their customer base.

  • Partner Management

    Effectively managing relationships with channel partners, providing support, training, and ensuring alignment with sales goals.

  • Negotiation and Collaboration

    Skillfully negotiating terms, incentives, and agreements with channel partners, while working collaboratively to drive mutual success.

  • Strategic Thinking and Data Analysis

    Analyzing market trends, identifying opportunities, and utilizing data to develop strategic plans and optimize channel sales strategies.

Different type of Channel Sales Assessment


Channel Sales

These include V&A Assessment, Coding Simulator Assessment, Chat Assessment and Social Media Assessment.


Channel Sales

These include V&A Assessment, Coding Simulator Assessment, Chat Assessment and Social Media Assessment.


Retail Sales

These include V&A Assessment, Coding Simulator Assessment, Chat Assessment and Social Media Assessment.


Tele Sales

These include V&A Assessment, Coding Simulator Assessment, Chat Assessment and Social Media Assessment.

What makes the PMaps Channel Sales Assessment an effective solution for assessing sales competence in channel management?

Assessing sales competence in channel management is vital for optimizing channel performance and achieving business goals. The PMaps Channel Sales Assessment provides a highly effective solution to evaluate the sales capabilities of channel sales professionals. Here’s why our assessment is the ideal choice for your organization:

Benefits for your organization:

Improved Channel Performance: Identify channel sales professionals who possess the right skills, knowledge, and strategic thinking to drive sales through channel partners.
Enhanced Partner Engagement: Select candidates who can effectively collaborate with channel partners, build relationships, and influence their performance.
Increased Revenue Generation: Hiring channel sales professionals with the right competencies can lead to higher sales volumes and revenue growth.

Features that enhance your assessment process:

Comprehensive Channel Sales Assessment: Assess candidates’ knowledge of channel management strategies, partner relationship management skills, negotiation abilities, and sales planning expertise.
Easy Integration: Seamlessly integrate our assessment with HRMS platforms and ATS, streamlining your recruitment process.
Quick Assessments and Real-Time Reports: Save time with fast assessments and receive real-time reports for timely decision-making.
PMaps Invigilator: Ensure assessment integrity with our secure test delivery mode, preventing cheating or unauthorized assistance.
Data Security: Rest assured that your candidate and assessment data are protected with industry-leading security protocols.

Additional benefits:
Language Agnostic Assessments: Evaluate candidates from diverse backgrounds without language barriers or biases.
Unbiased Decision-Making: Remove manual errors and biases to make fair and objective hiring decisions.
ROI and Increased Productivity: Maximize revenue generation by selecting channel sales professionals with the right competencies for effective channel management.
Hire the Right Fit: Identify candidates who can effectively manage channel relationships, drive partner engagement, and optimize channel performance.

Choose the PMaps Channel Sales Assessment to assess sales competence in channel management, optimize channel performance, and achieve outstanding business results. Book a demo today to experience the power of our assessment platform. Strengthen your channel sales team with the right talents and drive success with the PMaps Channel Sales Assessment.

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