B2B Sales Potential Assessments

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Behavior, Cognitive, Domain, Language, Skill

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20 Minutes



Optimize Sales Efficiency with our B2B Sales Potential Assessment

With PMaps B2B sales assessment, we measure proficiency in customer interest, communication, negotiation skills, and strong relationship building offering valuable insights for recruiters and hiring managers.

  • Drive Sales leading to higher revenue for the company.
  • Enhance customer relationships, thereby driving repeat business and referrals..
  • Expand the customer base for the company by exploring new markets.
  • Excel in negotiation, securing favorable deals resulting in increased profitability.
  • Increase overall customer satisfaction.
  • Enhance the reputation of the company in the market.


Enhancing B2B Sales Performance: Key Competencies for Sales Potential

Gain a distinctive competitive advantage with our globally accessible and user-friendly B2B Sales Potential Assessment. Designed with a visual-based, language-agnostic approach, our assessments offer a quick, enjoyable, and unbiased experience. Empower your team to deliver exceptional sales service by identifying and nurturing essential competencies. By ensuring the sales teams have the right talent, it empowers them to drive revenue growth.
  • Building Relationships

    Develop your skills so you can build support in the B2B sales environment and establish meaningful connections.

  • Effective communication

    Master clear and concise communication techniques, ensuring a lasting and impactful impression on potential clients.

  • Market intelligence

    Identify untapped B2B growth opportunities with sharp business acumen and market awareness.

  • Self Confidence

    Overcome challenges in B2B sales with unwavering self-belief, choosing the best strategies.

  • Grit and persistence

    Display constant determination in B2B sales, overcoming obstacles with resilience to achieve goals

  • Big picture thinking

    Gain strategic clarity in B2B sales, realizing your impact on company success and long-term objectives

  • Stress Management

    Excel under pressure in B2B sales, consistently performing exceptionally in demanding situations

PMaps: Assessing B2B Sales Competence Effectively

When it comes to hiring B2B Sales professionals, it’s crucial to ensure that you select candidates who possess the right skills and competencies. That’s where the PMaps B2B Potential Sales Assessment comes in. Our comprehensive assessment is designed to help you make smarter hiring decisions and build a team of exceptional sales service representatives.

Hiring candidates using B2B Potential Sales assessments can lead to significant improvements in key performance indicators (KPIs) for companies, such as:

Increased Sales Conversion Rate
Enhanced Sales Growth
Boosted Sales Productivity
Increased Customer Satisfaction
Reduced time to hire
Good Candidate Quality

PMaps Assessment Features –

Comprehensive Evaluation: Assess candidates holistically, considering their skills, behaviors, and cognitive abilities using online visual-based B2B Sales Potential tests.
Unbiased Selection: Ensure fair and objective evaluations, eliminating biases with visual-based assessments.
Efficient Screening: Streamline the screening process by quickly assessing a large pool of candidates with online visual-based tests.
Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Identify candidates with the right skills for exceptional customer service, leading to increased satisfaction.
Proctoring, Real-time reports, and Dashboards: Ensure test integrity, access instant reports, and utilize user-friendly dashboards for efficient evaluation and decision-making.

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