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Psychology and Data-driven approaches for conducting People Analytics exercises
- Abhimanyu Kumar
Vice President HR, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance

Why use Pre-Hire Assessments?

As a business owner, business manager, or HR professional, you are only as good as your last hire! Which is why you need Pre-Hire Assessments, also called, Pre-Employment Assessments or Pre-Hire Tests.

Today, hiring needs to be seamless, straightforward, and unbiased. And with all the other tasks and duties you may have as a senior member of your organization, you cannot rely on human intuition alone, to hire the right candidates. What you need are the right psychometric tests.

What our Pre-Hire Assessments measure

Uur Pre-Hire Assessments are much more than merely a test. They help you manage the employee’s profile and hiring right through the entire hiring cycle. All our Pre-Hire Assessments can be tailormade for your organization because we understand your hiring needs completely.

1Behavioral Traits like self-confidence, absenteeism, productivity, and teamwork
3Communication Skills to ensure a reciprocal and seamless flow of information
2Characteristics of Personality, like emotional stability and patterns of thinking
4Problem-solving Skills involving cognitive thinking and reasoning

The Different Kinds of Pre-Hire Assessments from PMaps

At PMaps, we offer our clients several different categories and types of Pre-Hire Assessments:

Behavioral Assessments

These include Sales Assessments, Customer Service Orientation Assessments and Collection Assessments.

Skills Assessments

These include V&A Assessment, Coding Simulator Assessment, Chat Assessment, and Social Media Assessment.

Cognitive Assessment

This includes Reasoning Ability.

Our Unique Test Characteristics

PMaps’ Pre-Hire Assessments are not only accurate but are also fun, social, progressive, and add real value to your hiring process. They are also extremely well-suited to all generations of candidates, including Gen X, Millennials, and especially Gen Z candidates.

We can screen applicants very quickly

We can test the psychometric profile of candidates by testing their competencies

We offer our clients Pre-Hire Assessments that are visual-based
We use a proprietary video-interviewing platform
We offer our clients customizable tests, when necessary

Why you should choose PMaps’ Pre-Hire Assessments

PMaps offers you a variety of Digital Pre-Employment Assessments. These include a combination of cognitive tests, behavioral tests, aptitude tests, language tests, and coding tests.

All our Pre-Hire Assessments have certain things in common – they are efficient and reliable, and can help you gain real insights into the traits and capabilities of prospective employees. Some of the cutting-edge features that our Pre-Hire Assessments have are:

A Psychometric Framework developed inhouse and backed by NPPA.

Skills assessment for measuring non-Voice competencies.

All Content and IT delivery platform owned completely by us

Picture based assessments for the global market.

Efficient proctoring built-in to our tests.

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PMaps offers good psychometric products with excellent teamwork, as well as fully customized solutions that meet our needs, and an easy-to-use candidate assessment interface.
- Rajesh Rathod
General Manager (IDBI)

Other Qualities of Pre-Hire Assessments

Pre-Hire Assessments have qualities that make them a very valuable part of the hiring mix. This is because these assessments not only mitigate bias but also predict job performance. Moreover, Pre-Employments Assessments are resource savers, as they save you time, energy, and money. They also help you speed up the hiring process and can help you weed out poor candidates much quicker.

And that’s not all…Pre-Employment Assessments also help reduce attrition and can predict tenure. They can be brand enhancers, provided you choose the right Pre-Hire Assessments.

So, whether you are assessing for passion for learning, empathy, cultural fit, critical thinking skills, honesty, motivation, and more, you can use Pre-Employment Assessments to make the right choice…each and every time!

Asset 3
PMaps offers good psychometric products with excellent teamwork, as well as fully customized solutions that meet our needs, and an easy-to-use candidate assessment interface.
- Rajesh Rathod
General Manager (IDBI)

How Pre-Hire Assessments reduce bias

Pre-Hire Assessments can be administered at any time during the hiring cycle to reduce interviewer, as well as employee bias. Some of the biases that can take place without you even knowing it, are:

However, we do not need to succumb unconditionally to these biases…We can use Pre-Hire Assessments to measure objective, job-relevant criteria. With Pre-Hire Assessments you can make the best hiring decision.