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We are very happy with the hiring outcomes driven by PMaps Value-Based Psychometric Assessment. It finds candidate whose behaviour inlines with the organizational culture
- Mr. Shailesh
Vice President HR (MAX Life Insurance)

Why use Pre-Hire Assessments?

Unveil hiring success with our comprehensive Pre-Hire tests. Integrate unbiased psychometric tests, reveal true potential, and make informed decisions for unparalleled achievements. Enhance your strategy and unlock transformative power today.

  • Refine applicant pool for efficiency. 
  • Enhance interview process; select qualified candidates.
  • Verify candidates possess desired traits, skills, and behaviors.
  • Minimize risk of bad hires.
  • Fast and impartial hiring

Different Types of PMaps Pre-Hire Assessments

At PMaps, we offer our clients several categories and types of Pre-Hire Assessments:


Behavioral Assessments

Gain insights into candidates personalities, traits & motivations for informed hiring decisions and high-performing teams.


Skills Assessments

Objectively assess candidates' job-related skills to identify the most qualified contributors for immediate organizational success.


Cognitive Assessment

Evaluate candidates' critical thinking, problem-solving, and cognitive aptitude for intelligent hiring choices that drive organizational success

Features - PMaps Pre-Hire Assessments Platform

Our Pre-Hire Assessments are much more than merely a test. They help you manage the employee’s profile and hiring right through the entire hiring cycle. All our Pre-Hire Assessments can be tailor made for your organization because we understand your hiring needs completely.

HR Dashboard – Hiring Analytics on the go

Proctor Assessments – PMaps Invigilator

Mobile Friendly Candidate Interface.

Create and Manage Teams and Test Designs

Our Unique Test Characteristics

PMaps’ Pre-Hire Assessments are not only accurate but are also fun, social, progressive, and add real value to your hiring process. They are also extremely well-suited to all generations of candidates, including Gen X, Millennials, and especially Gen Z candidates.

Screens applicants very quickly

Visual based inclusive Pre-Hire Assessments

Validated and Predictive assessments

Robust Competency Frameworks developed in-house and backed by NPPA

Proprietary proctoring enabled platform – PMaps Invigilator

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How Pre-Hire Assessments reduce bias

Pre-Hire Assessments can be administered at any time during the hiring cycle to reduce interviewer, as well as employee bias. Some of the biases that can take place without you even knowing it, are:

Sales Tests - Evaluate your potential Sales Team with PMaps Sales Tests

However, we do not need to succumb unconditionally to these biases…We can use Pre-Hire Assessments to measure objective, job-relevant criteria. With Pre-Hire Assessments you can make the best hiring decision.

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