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The HR industry is undergoing a rapid transformation with the advent of new technologies and innovations. One of the most promising developments is the integration of visual-based psychometric assessments with HRMS platforms.

This blog will focus on the strategic partnership between two leading HR tech companies, Keka and PMaps Assessment. We will talk about how we are revolutionizing HR operations with their integrated solutions. We will also discuss the benefits of having a functional HR ecosystem that leverages the power of psychometric assessment backed by human science and machine learning

What are Visual-Based Psychometric Assessments?

Psychometric assessments are standardized tests that measure various aspects of human behavior, such as personality, aptitude, skills, motivation, and values. Psychometric assessments are widely used in the HR industry for various purposes, such as hiring, training, development, performance appraisals, and succession planning. Psychometric assessments help HR professionals make objective and data-driven decisions for their workforce.

However, traditional psychometric assessments have some limitations and challenges, such as:

  • Language barriers: Many psychometric assessments are based on text, which requires a certain level of language proficiency and familiarity from the test-takers. This can create difficulties for people who have different linguistic backgrounds, and may result in unfair or inaccurate outcomes.
  • Test anxiety and boredom: Many psychometric assessments are lengthy and tedious, which can cause test anxiety and boredom among the test-takers. This can affect their performance and motivation, and may lead to dishonest or random responses.
  • Cheating and faking: Many psychometric assessments are vulnerable to cheating and faking, as the test-takers can use external sources or manipulate their responses to get a desired result. This can compromise the validity and reliability of the assessments and may result in hiring or promoting the wrong candidates.

To overcome these limitations and challenges, PMaps Assessment has developed a novel approach to psychometric testing that is based on visual stimuli, rather than text. 

Visual-based psychometric assessments use images, videos, animations, or graphics to elicit responses from the test-takers, rather than words. This makes the assessments more engaging, language agnostic, and fair. 

These also incorporate advanced features such as proctoring, lie detection scale, and short testing time, making the assessments more reliable, valid, and efficient.

The PMaps Assessment Expertise

PMaps Assessment is a psychology and machine learning-backed HR tech platform that provides assessment tools for workforce recruitment as well as management. 

PMaps Assessment offers a unique approach to psychometric testing that is quick, engaging, and can be administered on the go. We have a wide range of assessments that cover various domains, such as cognitive ability, skill assessment, personality test, and behavioral. For example assessment for sales, customer service, and more. We also provide customized assessments that cater to the specific needs such as preference of organizational culture. It will help you maintain your industry’s uniqueness and uphold the company’s tradition. 

By partnering with Keka, PMaps Assessment aims to enhance the offerings of their HRMS platforms and provide organizations with a comprehensive solution for their HR needs. The integration of PMaps Assessment’s visual-based psychometric assessments with Keka’s HRMS platforms will enable organizations to:

  • Streamline and automate the hiring process, from screening to selection, using the best-fit assessments for each role and level.
  • Identify and develop the potential and performance of the existing employees, using the relevant assessments for each function and department.
  • Align the individual and organizational goals, values, and culture, using the appropriate assessments for each stage and scenario.
  • Enhance employee engagement and satisfaction, using the feedback and insights from the assessments to design and implement effective interventions and initiatives.

Some Interesting Insights from the Integrators

The team of Keka and PMaps who worked closely on this integration shared their insights and experiences with us. Here are some of the quotes from them:

“We are very excited to partner with PMaps Assessment and bring their innovative visual-based psychometric assessments to our HRMS platforms. We believe that this integration will provide our clients with a competitive edge in the HR market and help them achieve their organizational goals.” Said one of the representatives of Keka

“We are very happy to see our visual-based psychometric assessments integrated with Keka HR’s HRMS platforms. We have designed our assessments to be user-friendly, engaging, and effective. We have also ensured that our assessments are scientifically validated and adhere to the highest standards of quality and ethics. We hope that our assessments will help our clients to make better and smarter decisions for their workforce.”  says, Saurabh Rana, Co-Founder, PMaps.

Offer Enhancement at Keka Platform

Keka is a leading HR tech company that provides a comprehensive HRMS platform for various HR functions such as payroll, attendance, performance, leave, and more. Keka has built an HR operation ecosystem that simplifies and streamlines the HR processes and improves the employee experience. 

It has a user-friendly and intuitive interface that allows HR professionals and employees to access and manage their HR data and tasks easily and efficiently. And also has a robust and secure cloud-based infrastructure that ensures the safety and privacy of the HR data and transactions.

By integrating PMaps Assessment’s visual-based psychometric assessments, Keka has added a new dimension to its HRMS platforms. 

Some of the benefits of this integration are:

  • Reduced time and cost of hiring and training: Psychometric Assessments integrated with the Keka platform will enable HRs to reduce the time and cost of hiring and training their workforce. The PMaps visual-based psychometric assessments will help to screen and select the fit candidates for each role and level, based on their cognitive ability, personality, and skills.

    The HRMS platform will help to automate and manage the hiring process, from posting the job openings, to scheduling the interviews, to sending the offer letters. While our visual-based psychometric assessments will help our shared clients identify the training needs and gaps of the existing employees, and provide them with personalized and relevant learning modules and resources.

    Together, we will help you track and evaluate the training progress and outcomes and provide feedback and recommendations for improvement.

  • Decreased attrition and increased retention: The partnership will help organizations to decrease attrition and increase the retention of their workforce. The visual-based psychometric assessments will help to measure employee engagement and satisfaction, by assessing their motivation, values, and emotions.

    The comprehensive HRMS platform will help HR create and implement effective employee engagement and retention strategies, such as recognition, rewards, incentives, feedback, and career development. Our visual-based psychometric assessments can also help predict and prevent employee turnover, by identifying the risk factors and warning signs of disengagement and dissatisfaction.

    We will help to intervene and address the employee issues and concerns and provide them with support and solutions.

  • Improvement in job performance and productivity: The strategic bond will help many organizations improve the job performance and productivity of their workforce. The psychometric assessments in integration will help to evaluate potential by measuring the required aptitude, skills, and competencies. The HRMS platform will help you set and monitor employee goals and objectives while providing them with constructive feedback and coaching.

    The PMaps employee surveys can help you understand your workforce on the basis of job satisfaction and engagement. The HRMS platforms will also help HRs to design and implement effective talent management and succession planning programs, such as mentoring, career mapping, and talent mobility.

  • Mindful hiring and promotion: The combined power of psychometric and advanced HRTech will help organizations to make mindful hiring and promotion decisions for their workforce. It will help to eliminate human hiring biases and unequal promotion, by providing objective and data-driven insights into the candidate’s and employee’s suitability and readiness for each role and level.

    The HRMS platforms will help you standardize and optimize the HR operations, by providing transparent and consistent criteria and methodology for each role and level. This will ensure that the hiring and promotion decisions are fair, merit-based, and aligned with the organizational vision and values.

  • Cultural Hiring bias elimination and diversity inclusion: The collaboration will help organizations eliminate cultural hiring bias and promote diversity inclusion in their workforce. Our visual-based psychometric assessments will help to assess the candidate’s and employee’s fitment and compatibility with the organizational culture and values, regardless of their demographic and background characteristics.

    On the other hand, the cloud-based HRMS platform will help you create and implement effective diversity and inclusion policies and practices, such as affirmative action, equal opportunity, and anti-discrimination. This will help to foster a diverse and inclusive work environment, where everyone is respected, valued, and empowered.

  • Data-driven decision-making and people analytics: The integration of PMaps Assessment’s visual-based psychometric test tool with Keka’s cloud-based HRMS platform will help organizations to make data-driven decisions and analyze their workforce. It will help you generate and collect rich and relevant data on candidate’s as well as employee’s behavior, personality, skills, and on-job performance.

    Keka will help you collectively analyze and interpret data, using advanced tools and techniques, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data. This enables many HRs to provide actionable insights and recommendations for improving the HR processes and outcomes.

Conclusion: Take Action for HR Transformation

If you are a decision-maker or an HR professional who wants to transform your HR processes from recruitment to management, then you should explore the partnership between Keka and PMaps to achieve your organizational objectives. You can visit our independent websites and to learn more about our products and services.

You can read our blog on the Collaboration of Psychometric Assessments with HRMS Platforms to discover more such partnerships. Also, request a demo [here] to see their integrated solution in action. Don’t miss this opportunity to join the HR revolution and experience the power of visual-based psychometric assessments integrated with HRMS platforms. Contact us via email ( and phone (+91 7709196077) today!


HRMS stands for Human Resource Management System, which is a software solution designed to automate and streamline various human resource functions within an organization.

HRMS, or Human Resource Management System, is a comprehensive tool that oversees various aspects of human resources and their associated procedures throughout an employee’s entire journey. It empowers organizations to gain insights into their workforce while ensuring compliance with evolving legal requirements.

In the field of HRM, a psychometric assessment is a tool used to evaluate a candidate’s compatibility with a specific role or organization. This assessment encompasses multiple dimensions, including cognitive tests, personality tests, behavioral assessments and skill assessments. It offers valuable insights into a candidate’s abilities, potential, and alignment with the position or company.