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Step into the future of secure, AI-enhanced online proctoring with PMaps Proctor. Our cutting-edge platform combines artificial intelligence and machine learning to revolutionize assessment integrity, offering a foolproof solution to educational and hiring assessment scenarios.

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We are very happy with the hiring outcomes driven by PMaps Value-Based Psychometric Assessment. It finds candidate whose behaviour inlines with the organizational culture
- Mr. Shailesh
Vice President HR (MAX Life Insurance)

Why PMaps Proctor?

Step into the future of secure online assessments with PMaps Proctor. Our platform is where innovative technology meets examination integrity, providing a seamless, reliable, and fair assessment environment.

PMaps Proctor by the Numbers

Beyond just a solution, PMaps Proctor is a revolution in assessment security. Here’s the impact in numbers, showcasing why it’s the preferred choice globally:

95% Reduction in Malpractice Cases

Clients report a drastic decrease in cheating incidents, thanks to our robust monitoring and logging

90% Candidate Satisfaction

Test-takers find our system fair, transparent, and easy to navigate, reflecting in their high satisfaction scores.

85% Faster Decision-Making

With the Proctor Rank and detailed reports, recruiters and educators can make quicker, more informed decisions.

Features - PMaps Proctor

PMaps Proctor is your stronghold in the digital assessment sphere. With its advanced features and intuitive design, it stands as the bulwark against unfair practices, ensuring every assessment is transparent and genuine. Here’s what makes PMaps Proctor indispensable:

Regular AI-monitored captures and session recordings, ensuring a cheat-resistant environment.

A credibility index – Proctor Rank for each candidate, powered by machine learning for accuracy.

Advanced algorithms analyze test-taker behavior, highlighting potential integrity breaches.

Comprehensive insights into test-taker behavior, backed by data and intelligent analysis.

Seamless Integration with Your Digital Infrastructure

Integrate PMaps Proctor effortlessly into your existing system. Our platform is engineered for compatibility, ensuring a smooth, interconnected, and secure examination process.

Plug-and-Play Setup – Easy integration with your current digital setup.

Consistent Data Management: Unified data handling, ensuring accuracy and accessibility.

Top-Tier Data Protection: Secure encryption protocols in place to safeguard sensitive information.

Uninterrupted Support: Continuous assistance for any integration queries or issues.

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