Assess Candidates for Building Customer Service Teams.

PMaps Customer Service Assessment

PMaps visual-based customer service test measures a candidate’s aptitude and attitude to understand the customers needs, mood and expectations and their ability to offer a suitable and prompt solution to the customers.. Customer service assessment is a fun and easy-to-attend visual-based customer service ability test that favors the Gen-Zs attention span and assesses the suitability of their behavioral and cognitive profiles for the customer service roles.

PMaps customer service assessment helps in mapping the customer service skills to the customer expectations. This test is a prompt multiple choice, and fun visual-based Situation Judgmental Test (SJT) for engaging the candidates well to finish the assessment. The customer service scenarios test makes remote hiring easy and highly time saving for building a successful customer service team that has perfect customer service aptitude that can enhance the overall customer service experience.

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An ability of any individual who is serving the customer to take the non-verbal or indirect cues of the customers by observing their tone, mood, expectations and inexpressibility is assessed by this test.

Presence of Mind

An ability of an individual to think clearly while interacting with the customers and acting quickly to offer solutions to the customers.

Emotional Control

An ability to manage and control the emotional reactions while dealing with the customers. The emotional stability is a prerequisite while dealing with the customers and serving to the deadlines.

Task Orientation

The competence of an individual to strive for exceeding the expected minimum standards at the workplace. This measures the drive and motivation of an individual on the basis of ambition and intention.


A personality trait that measures if the individuals who are serving the customers are adhering to the organizational rules and regulations. Dutifulness, Discipline and Orderliness are few important traits for maintaining compliance while dealing with the customers.


Measure broad 5 attributes 
MCQ – Situation Test (ST) Audio and Pictures Based


20 Minutes

Norm Group

Age – 18 to 25 yrs
Experience – Freshers (0-3 yrs)
Education – Graduates, Post Graduates

Improves Customer Service

Hire candidates with the desired customer-centricity.

Reduce Average Call Handling Time

Quick and appropriate resolution to customer queries.

Reduce Onboard Time

No need to evaluate a candidate unfit for a customer service role.


Recommend areas of improvement for fit candidates.

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