PMaps & Digivarsity: Elevating Employability with AI-Driven Education

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We are delighted to announce a strategic collaboration that holds the potential to redefine the landscape of education and career development. PMaps, recognized as the foremost visual-based assessment platform for skill and personality evaluation, has forged a partnership with Digivarsity, a trailblazing entity as India’s premier AI-powered platform for work-integrated degree programs and career exploration. This collaboration heralds a pivotal moment in our mission to provide an unparalleled opportunity for our esteemed clients and students, one that seamlessly integrates academic prowess with real-world experience, thereby elevating employability prospects to unprecedented heights.

PMaps and Digivarsity are united by a shared vision, one that revolves around empowering learners with the requisite skills and knowledge essential for long-term triumph in their chosen careers. Through Digivarsity’s meticulously curated work-linked degree programs, meticulously crafted in collaboration with India’s preeminent universities, we facilitate a dual journey where education and practical experience converge harmoniously. Not only that, the organizations and recruiters in connection with Digivarsity and Teamlease will benefit immensely from a reliable source of skilled youth for building the future of their workforce. 

Collectively, our objective is to engineer a symbiotic relationship that bestows advantages upon both employers and learners. By leveraging our expertise, we enable Digivarsity to pinpoint skill gaps and subsequently bridge the chasm between education and employment. The forthcoming collaboration promises a future brimming with opportunities for our clientele and students alike, all while making a significant and enduring impact on the spheres of education and talent cultivation.

In a recent enlightening Podcast hosted by PMaps, Shantanu Rooj, the visionary founder of Teamlease EdTech, illuminated the manifold benefits of introducing AI-powered skill development systems to empower India’s youth. Mr. Rooj also shared his profound experiences with PMaps’ visual-based psychometric assessments, acknowledging its pivotal role in guiding students toward optimal career trajectories. This partnership, indeed, marks the dawn of an era defined by innovation, empowerment, and limitless potential.

Stay tuned for more updates on our partnership and the exciting benefits it will bring to you. Thank you for your support and trust in us. To explore the partnership better, read here