PMaps and Digivarsity: A Transformative Collaboration in AI-Education

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We are thrilled to unveil an extraordinary alliance that promises to reshape the landscape of education and career development. PMaps, the trailblazing leader in visual-based assessments for skill and personality evaluation, has forged a transformative partnership with Digivarsity, India’s pioneering AI-powered platform for work-integrated degree programs and career exploration. This collaborative venture signifies a momentous milestone in our journey, offering our esteemed clients and students an exclusive opportunity to seamlessly fuse academic excellence with real-world experience, thereby elevating employability and career prospects to new heights.

At the heart of this collaboration lies a shared vision between PMaps and Digivarsity – one that champions the empowerment of learners with the essential skills and knowledge for enduring success in their chosen vocations. Through Digivarsity’s platform PMaps identifies the interest, abilities and potentials of the students which further helps the partner firm to meticulously curate work-linked degree programs, thoughtfully crafted in conjunction with India’s top-tier universities. The platform facilitates a dual educational journey where knowledge acquisition and practical experience converge in perfect harmony to enhance the strength factors of the individual learners and improve their weaknesses.

Together, our mission is to forge a dynamic partnership that mutually benefits employers and learners alike. By harnessing our collective expertise, we empower Digivarsity to pinpoint skill gaps and bridge the divide between education and employment seamlessly. This collaboration promises a future teeming with opportunities for our clientele with a reliable talent pipeline and students with realistic preparation for jobs. Conclusively the platform has a lasting impact on the realms of education and talent cultivation.

In a recent captivating Podcast hosted by PMaps, the visionary founder of Teamlease EdTech, Shantanu Rooj, shared underrated insights into the advantages of introducing AI-powered skill development systems to empower India’s youth. Mr. Rooj also shed light on his transformative experiences with PMaps’ visual-based psychometric assessments, underscoring their pivotal role in guiding students toward the most promising career paths. This partnership heralds a new era characterized by innovation, empowerment, and boundless potential, setting the stage for an educational and career revolution like no other.

We will update you on our alliance and the incredible benefits it will bring you. We value your patronage and faith in us. Read more about this collaboration here