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Interview or Assessment – Only Fittest will survive

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There are often debates on the value of Psychometric testing for hiring over unstructured interviews. Based on 85 years of research findings, Schmidt and Hunter presented the validity of personnel measures predicting job performance and validity of paired combinations as below:

**r- relation between assessment score and Job Performance.

As depicted above, all types of psychometric based assessment or interview technique, say Mental Ability, Work sample test & Behavioral interviews fare better compared to Unstructured interviews in terms of predicting work performance. Ironically employers continue to take interviews stressing on candidate’s education background & past experience. Though relation with work performance for each of above three techniques says Interview, Experience & Education, is far below than scientific psychometric assessment tools.

Despite poor validity, hiring based on these subjective have also resulted in attrition due to cultural misfit, creating huge money drainage for the companies.

Therefore, employers have now started focusing on Psychometric Assessments for their superior work performance relation & for their inherent ability to give a holistic view whether the candidate can be a right job fit, trainable or a miss-fit.

Many leading companies today have started taking this initiative to have a more objective test at their pre-hiring stage. The psychometric assessment will help employers not only to gauge the future performance of the candidates but also to improve employee retention by making better hiring decisions.

PMaps, being India’s leading Psychometric Assessment firm has successfully helped various companies across multiple sectors like ITES, BFSI, IT, Pharmaceuticals, Telecom, E-Commerce and many more, for hiring the right candidate in terms of behavioral fitment for various roles.