Unleash the Power of PMaps Psychometric Behavioral Assessments: Decode Candidate Behavior for Success!

Discover the power of Behavioral Assessments in selecting top-notch candidates with the right personality traits. Choose from our range of assessments to make successful hires and build a winning team!

Types of PMaps Behavioral Assessments

Unlock the power of our Behavioral Assessment, a cutting-edge psychometric tool that accurately assesses a candidate’s personality profile and behavioral skills. Evaluate their potential, work style, and cultural fit with ease and confidence.

Sales Assessment

Sales Assessments

Evaluates individuals' behaviors & competencies related to successful sales performance

Customer Service Assessment

Customer Service Assessments

Evaluates individuals' behaviors & competencies related to delivering exceptional customer service

Collection Assessment

Collection Assessments

Evaluates individuals' behaviors & competencies relevant to effective debt collection & recovery strategies

Psychological Framework for our Behavioral Assessments

Unlock the potential of PMaps’ psychometric assessments based on our unique Competency Framework (PCF) that enables the organizations to measure desired organizational competencies and skill sets. Our assessments have the potential to be used as a multifaceted tool for leveling up the organization.

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PMaps offers good psychometric products with excellent teamwork, as well as fully customized solutions that meet our needs, and an easy-to-use candidate assessment interface.
- Rajesh Rathod
General Manager (IDBI)

Measure employee performance against key performance indicators (KPIs) and organizational goals. Identify top performers, acknowledge achievements, and address areas of improvement

Identify individual strengths and developmental areas to design targeted training and development programs. Foster a culture of continuous learning and professional growth.

Evaluate team dynamics, communication, and collaboration. Enhance team synergy and productivity by leveraging insights from the assessment results.

Features of Behavioral Assessments

Customised Assessments

PMaps allows you to create customized assessments tailored to your organization's needs. You can design assessments to evaluate specific skills, knowledge, abilities, or behavioral competencies relevant to the job role.

Online Testing

PMaps provides online testing capabilities, allowing candidates to take assessments remotely. The platform may include features such as proctoring, time limits, and question randomization to ensure test integrity..

Cognitive and Psychometric Assessments

PMaps provides cognitive assessments to evaluate candidates' cognitive abilities, such as logical reasoning, problem-solving, or numerical aptitude. Psychometric assessments may assess personality traits, motivations, and other psychological factors relevant to job performance..

Analytics and Reporting

PMaps offers analytics and reporting features to generate detailed reports on candidates' performance. These reports are generated on a real time basis and provide insights into candidates' strengths, weaknesses, and suitability for specific roles.

Integration with ATS

PMaps can integrate with popular applicant tracking systems (ATS), enabling seamless transfer of candidate data and assessment results between platforms.


PMaps tests use graphics, and images to assess behavioral abilities, spatial reasoning, pattern recognition, problem-solving, and visual perception skills, providing a non-verbal and inclusive assessment experience.

Language Agnostic

PMaps tests are universally applicable, non-linguistic, culturally neutral, transferable, accessible, valid, reliable, flexible, and promote equal opportunity and inclusivity.

Why Behavioral Assessments are important hiring tools

Discover the power of Psychometric Behavioral Assessments for accurate insights into candidates’ mindset and relationships. Find candidates with the right personality and mindset for the job, fostering healthy collaborations.

Predict future behavior based on past actions, using a variety of behavioral tools like Simulations and SJTs. Identify candidates who achieve objectives using positive behaviors. Behavioral Assessments: your essential hiring tool.

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