Transforming Healthcare Recruitment: The Medusind Solutions Pvt Ltd Success Story

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About Our Client: Medusind Solutions Pvt Ltd, A Trusted Leader in Healthcare

Medusind Solutions is a prominent player in the healthcare recruitment industry. It has been hiring top-notch employees who can deliver integrated healthcare business solutions and services since 2001. With a substantial annual market cap of $66.8 million, they’ve earned the trust of millions of customers in the United States and India. 

The Challenges Faced by Medusind

Medusind encountered a series of hurdles in their talent management and medical recruitment processes despite brilliant talent resourcing. High attrition rates, fierce competition for top talent, cumbersome manual procedures, and valuable time spent on unsuitable candidates were holding back the company from reaching its full potential.

Proposed Solution: PMaps – 

Revolutionizing Hiring with Cognitive Tests, Skill Assessment, and Predictive Analytics 

To tackle these challenges, Medusind sought the expertise of PMaps, a cutting-edge HRtech platform. We provided comprehensive solutions to Medusind for employee assessment, selection, and retention. PMaps also evaluated the candidates’ cognitive, skill, and behavioral competencies using various assessments customized for specific job roles. 

We conducted an attrition analysis to identify the factors that influenced employee turnover and developed a predictive model to determine who will stay. The solution was visioned to streamline the post-hiring processes by integrating its platform with Medusind’s HR system, enabling efficient and accurate document submission and data management. The aim was to enhance the healthcare recruitment process and lower the attrition rate for Medusind.

Medusind HR experts and PMaps Psychometricians Together: Tailored Assessments for Targeted Results

PMaps meticulously developed more than nine customized assessments tailored to the specific roles at Medusind. It included Medical Analyst, Medical Coding, Voice and Non-Voice functions, Team Leadership, Management, Quality Analysis, and Training Need Reports. These assessments allowed Medusind to evaluate candidates based on cognitive abilities, aptitude, personality, domain knowledge, communication skills, and behavioral traits.

The Impact: Dramatic Reduction in Attrition Rates

The introduction of PMaps Job-Fit Assessments yielded astonishing results for Medusind. Within just a few months, the company experienced a significant drop in attrition rates. For employees in the Voice function, the stay probability soared to an impressive 89%. This wasn’t just a statistical victory; it was a testament to PMaps’ ability to deliver game-changing insights.

The Highlight: Addressing the Talent Gap and Competition

With PMaps’ assessments, Medusind successfully tackled the talent gap and fierce competition in the healthcare industry. They could now attract and retain candidates with the precise cognitive, behavioral, and technological skills necessary for their roles. This translated to improved performance, increased productivity, and a more engaged workforce.

The Journey: From Conventional to Innovative Healthcare Recruitment

PMaps Job-Fit Assessments transformed Medusind’s hiring and talent management processes from conventional to innovative. This shift allowed Medusind to build an exceptionally successful and productive team, delivering excellence in healthcare business solutions to their clients.

Kranti Munje, Ex. CHRO on a testimonial call shared her experience with Team PMaps: It has been a pleasure working with the PMaps team. Our aim was to reduce the recruitment cycle time, and we have achieved it through PMaps. The PMaps team has been very supportive of our needs. It has been a pleasure working with the team!

Laxmi Menon, VPHR of Medusind on an interactive session with PMaps on LinkedIn Live ‘Revolutionary Recruitment Strategies’ : We have been working with PMaps for the longest time with assessment tests which help us in filtering the right people. We try to employ their visual technology as much as possible.

Build Your Success Story: Connect to Change

The success story of Medusind Solutions Pvt Ltd, empowered by PMaps Job-Fit Assessments, demonstrates how innovative healthcare recruitment strategies can lead to impressive organizational growth. 

Listen to what Laxmi Menon, VP HR of Medusind has to share about her revolutionary recruitment strategies!

Read our case study for in-depth understanding of process and flow of strategy execution. 

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In HR and recruitment, AI is being used for a variety of tasks including talent sourcing, resume screening, candidate assessment, predictive analytics for future performance, automated scheduling of interviews, and enhancing candidate engagement through chatbots. AI is also being used for HR analytics, employee sentiment analysis, and predicting employee turnover, which aids in strategic HR planning.

While AI will significantly enhance and automate many aspects of recruiting, it is unlikely to completely take over the entire recruitment process. AI excels in efficiently handling tasks like screening, initial assessments, and even identifying potential biases in the hiring process, thus promoting more accurate and equitable hiring practices. However, the human element remains essential, particularly in interpreting complex candidate nuances, making nuanced hiring decisions, and fostering relationships. Moreover, after the initial hiring stage, human involvement becomes crucial for training, mentoring, and passing on organizational experience and culture to new hires. AI serves as a powerful tool to augment and support human recruiters, ensuring a more efficient and unbiased hiring process, but it works in tandem with human expertise and judgment rather than replacing it.

Recruiters are increasingly leveraging a variety of AI tools to enhance their recruitment processes. These include Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) with AI capabilities for efficient resume screening and AI-powered chatbots for initial candidate engagement and handling queries. AI-based predictive analytics are used for assessing candidate suitability and predicting job performance, while machine learning algorithms assist in sourcing candidates from expansive databases.

Additionally, AI is being integrated into psychometrics to evaluate candidates’ responses in real time. This advanced application of AI in psychometrics allows recruiters to measure candidates’ abilities and behavioral competencies more accurately. AI-enhanced psychometric tests can adapt to candidates’ responses, offering a more personalized assessment experience and providing deeper insights into their skills, personality traits, and potential fit within the organization. This integration of AI with traditional recruitment methods represents a significant step forward in making the hiring process more data-driven, precise, and efficient.

AI is changing the hiring process by making it more efficient, data-driven, and candidate-focused. It enables faster screening of resumes, predictive analytics to gauge candidate success, and improved candidate matching based on skills and cultural fit. AI tools also help reduce unconscious biases in recruitment, making the process more equitable.

Interviewing for attention to detail requires a strategic approach to ascertain a candidate’s ability to focus. You can also choose to opt for behavioral interview questions that are based on the candidates’ attention to detail assessment reports. 

For instance:

– “Can you describe a project where your attention to detail was critical to its success?”

– “Tell me about a time when your attention to detail caught an error that could have had significant consequences.”

The top hiring predictions for 2024 include a greater emphasis on psychometric assessments and AI in recruitment, the rising importance of emotional intelligence in hiring, and a focus on employer branding informed by psychological insights. Additionally, adapting recruitment strategies to accommodate the unique characteristics of Generation Z will be crucial.

AI is expected to play a significant role in streamlining and enhancing the recruitment process in 2024. It will aid in automating routine tasks, providing deeper insights into candidate profiles, and improving the efficiency and accuracy of talent acquisition.

Emotional intelligence is becoming increasingly important in hiring as it is closely linked to better teamwork, leadership, and workplace harmony. Candidates with high emotional intelligence can navigate complex social environments more effectively, contributing positively to company culture.

Psychometric assessments are crucial as they provide a more comprehensive evaluation of a candidate’s abilities, personality, and potential fit within a company. They are especially useful in bridging the skills gap and ensuring that candidates align with the specific needs of a role.

Employer branding can be enhanced by using psychological insights to understand what drives and motivates potential candidates. This approach ensures that the branding resonates with candidates on an emotional level, making it more effective in attracting and retaining top talent.

Generation Z is set to significantly impact hiring practices with their unique preferences for technology, work-life balance, and company values. Employers will need to adapt their recruitment strategies to align with Gen Z’s expectations, which include a strong emphasis on innovation, flexibility, and social responsibility.