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Our tests are scientifically constructed, with definite right and wrong answers. Our tests are also accurately predictive and will give you a definite prediction about which candidates will be most successful for the job.

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1How and why our tests are backed by Science

Our tests are also fun, social, visual-based, and language-agnostic. This means that the possibility of them being non-scientific is non-existent. Our psychometric assessment tests are constructed by trained psychologists and include the following to make them scientific:

  • Norming: This is an agreement that the psychometric assessment is objectively and scientifically administered and scored. For example, all candidates appearing for the test will do so in a quiet room with computers. If some candidates appear for the test in a noisy room with pen and paper, this would be inconsistent and non-scientific.
  • Reliability: If the psychometric assessment test is reliable, it produces consistent results with accuracy of scores. This ensures that the assessment administered to candidates is scientific because the results do not vary every time a candidate appears for the test.
  • Validity: If the test if valid, it measures what it is designed to measure. In this way it is scientific, because it provides meaningful insights into the candidates’ abilities.

Moreover, our psychometric assessment tests have a standardized scoring system and present results in a straightforward and scientific manner. The scores for a particular candidate are expressed in relation to the scores of other similar candidates. This comparison helps you, as an employer, gauge the strengths of a particular candidate in comparison to others in a similar work profile. So, if you are looking for psychometric assessment tests based on true Science, PMaps is the place!

2How and why our psychometric assessments are grounded in the PMaps Proprietary Competency Framework (PCF)

All of the psychometric assessments created by PMaps are grounded in the PMaps Proprietary Competency Framework (PCF). This framework is grounded in the “Big Five” personality model, as well as two additional factors that are highly relevant in the workplace, which are Emotional Intelligence (Empathy) and Drive.

These traits are measured by using a statistically-validated psychometric tool, which is custom-developed for assessing personality in the context of organizational culture. The PMaps PCF is also backed by the “16PF framework”, but it derives strengths from “Need Theory”. The basic factors that are measured within the PCF framework are:

Each of these traits are measured by mapping certain keywords with the responses that the candidates give. All of PMaps’ psychometric assessments are primarily visual-based and they use visual stimuli, such as drawings, images, GIFs, and videos to generate responses from candidates.

The visuals are generally ambiguous in nature and the test-takers are asked to respond according to how they feel about it. It helps you, as a recruiter understand the thoughts, impulses, motives, beliefs, emotions, and personality of the candidate.

Along with visuals, PMaps also provides options to choose from, which makes it easy for recruiters to interpret the responses. Moreover, this entire process is helped by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

While PMaps’ visual-based psychometric assessments are suited for all generations of candidates, such as Baby Boomers, Gen X candidates, Gen Y candidates, Millennials, and Gen Z candidates, they are especially suited for Gen Z candidates. Some of the unique characteristics of the psychometric assessments created by PMaps are:

1Visual Behavioral Traits like self-confidence, absenteeism, productivity, and teamwork
2Fun Our assessments are designed in a way that keeps the candidates engaged and their attention is retained throughout the test.
3Quick Since the tests are not long and time-consuming, it speeds up the hiring process.
4On-the-go This means the assessments have a user-friendly interface and are compatible even with mobile devices

3How and why our psychometric assessment tests are bias-free

All of our psychometric assessment tests give a unique perspective on how a candidate can demonstrate a specific ability or skill. The idea behind using our psychometric tests is to make an objective effort to assess candidates more thoughtfully, beyond the usual skillset and educational background.

With several hundred potential employees applying for a single position, using our psychometric tests ensures that you can choose the right candidates, without the obvious biases, from a large pool of applicants. Our psychometric assessment tests backed by Science and combined with other selection methods such as behavioral interviewing, ensures that there is minimal bias in the selection process, even when you are hiring for diversity. The five most common biases that you should seek to eliminate are:

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The tool can be customized to test various skills that are required on the job. The PMaps support team is prompt in providing solutions and ensuring a smooth operation.
- Elton Issac
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PMaps assessments are customizable and we were very satisfied with their services. They have incredibly supportive teams and are always available to help us when we need it.
- Tejas Nalawade
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Confirmation bias

This bias is when we make assumptions based on our own perceived truths. Almost 60% of interviewers decide a candidate’s suitability for the role within 15 minutes of meeting them. This may mean that you eliminate the right candidate for all the wrong reasons. Our psychometric assessments prevent confirmation bias.

Halo and horn effect

This bias takes place when we place too much weight on one positive aspect of a candidate. We also give too much weight to that aspect when making a hiring decision. The opposite is the horn effect, when we let something negative about the candidate cloud our overall judgement. By using the relevant PMaps psychometric assessment test, you can become aware of, and prevent these effects.

Affinity bias

This bias occurs when you feel an affinity towards a candidate. This can take place when you have something in common with them, for example, you both are from the same town or the same school. You can use our psychometric assessments to test multiple candidates, become aware of your affinity bias, and correct for it.

Beauty bias

This bias kicks in when you are positively influenced by an attractive candidate. This bias is tricky to identify, but using the right psychometric assessment tests can prevent this bias for the most part.

Non-verbal bias

This bias can be either a positive or negative judgement about a candidate based on their body language, dress sense, or appearance. Using one of our Pre-Hiring Assessments can help you hire blind, at least initially, thereby considerably reducing non-verbal bias.

PMaps’ HR Tech Tools, as well as our behavioral interviewing platform helps you reduce these biases significantly. The ways you can reduce bias using our tests and tools are:

So, if you want to practically eliminate bias while hiring, do connect with PMaps and choose from among our library of useful, fun, language-agnostic, and visual psychometric pre-hire assessments for ensuring that you choose the right candidates for the right reasons…

4How and why our tests are fair for all candidates

Most companies today, prefer to use psychometric tests for hiring. This helps to eliminate unsuitable candidates at the initial stages itself, even as a standardized psychometric assessment test makes hiring fair for all candidates. At PMaps, our psychometric assessment tests are fair for all candidates because they are:

The scores of our psychometric assessment tests are not influenced by the recruiters’ beliefs or values.

All of our tests are administered under controlled conditions, and our tests are as consistent as possible. This ensures that our test results are as accurate as possible.

Our tests minimize and quantify any and all intrinsic errors.

Our psychometric tests make an accurate prediction of performance.

Our tests do not disqualify any group based on culture, gender, ethnicity, national origin, and so on.

Our psychometric assessment tests not only save you time and money, but they also give you a true insight into the candidate’s personality. Our tests give you the true nature of the candidate, thereby being fair to all candidates.

You can not only gauge the candidate’s suitability for the job role, but also other factors, such as, how well the candidate performs during pressure, whether the candidate is a team player, and whether the candidate prefers to work alone. By assessing these and other qualities, you can hire the right candidate for the job.

So, if you want to administer psychometric assessment tests for hiring that are fair for all candidates, you can get in touch with PMaps and choose from our unique and comprehensive test library for a test that’s right for you and your organization!

5How and why our tests are enjoyable

At PMaps, not only are our tests objective, standardized, and bias-free, they are also fun to take! We give you psychometric tests that are visual-based and language-agnostic, so that they can help your hire the right candidates regardless of language. Being a visual assessment tool means that there is no ambiguity during hiring when you use a PMaps Pre-Hire Assessment test.

Your candidates and potential candidates will enjoy our psychometric assessment tests because:

  • They are visual, which means the questions are in the form of pictures
  • They are less likely to be ambiguous
  • They are interesting
  • They are fun to take
  • They are able to hone in on candidate traits through fewer questions

There are certain benefits when psychometric assessment tests are enjoyable. Some of the advantages of PMaps’ psychometric assessment tests are:

  • They highlight development opportunities: Our pre-hire assessment tests can highlight areas of concern and can give you an opportunity to explore these issues before hiring.
  • They determine good cultural fits: Our psychometric assessments can give you information on the type of environment your potential candidate would be comfortable working in, thereby allowing you to explore how they would fit into your workplace.
  • They show suitability for a role: Our visual-based questions are not only enjoyable but also finds out whether a candidate is suitable for a particular role. Our assessments are fun and engaging and not only test the candidate’s suitability for a role but also have a positive impact on their relationship with your organization.
  • They test all individuals in a fair manner: Our psychometric assessment tests are language-agnostic and so, test all candidates and potential candidates equally, even if they come from a different cultural background, or if they have a language barrier. You are therefore, assured, that the potential candidate is a good fit for the role.
  • They do not need to be delivered by trained specialists:  Our psychometric tests need not be delivered by trained specialists as they are fairly easy to understand and take, being visual-based, with explicit instructions.

So, if you want a psychometric assessment test that is enjoyable with the right results, do choose from PMaps’ extensive library of psychometric assessments for an assessment that is right just for you and your organization!

6How and why our tests are easy-to-use

Our psychometric assessment tests are simple and easy-to-use. As a client, you do not need to make available any special equipment for your candidates to take our tests. You can use our state-of-the-art Dashboard and can budget for as many tests as you like. Your candidates can also take the test on their mobile phones, on the go. Once your candidate appears for the test (with proctoring and invigilation built-in), her report will be available to you in real-time.

There are certain characteristics of the PMaps psychometric assessment tests that determine how and why our tests are easy-to-use. Some of these features are:

All of these features ensure that both clients and candidates find our tests simple and comprehensive. So, to make the most of these psychometric assessment tests, get in touch with PMaps and hire only the best!

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7How and why our tests are secure

Certain psychometric assessment tests may not be secure, with test results and reports being made public in a way that could cause harm to the candidate. Which is why PMaps psychometric assessment tests are your secure option when it comes to psychometric testing.

Access to PMaps’ psychological test materials, whether it be the test questions or the test materials, such as test booklets, protocols, scoring keys, and administration manuals, are given only to our in-house psychologists and to senior stakeholders in the organization administering the tests.

Before our psychologists release a psychometric test assessment, it is thoroughly researched and tested to ensure that it is reliable, valid, and secure. Our psychologists are thoroughly trained in the proper administration and scoring of a particular test. They are also trained in the scoring of responses and for deriving interpretations.

It is a serious matter to communicate the test results to a test-taker. Our psychologists report the results and interpretations to individual candidates, ensuring that other candidates cannot access those specific test results.

The use of tests to select, promote, or otherwise make career decisions about candidates is a definite responsibility. We, at PMaps, understand how vital it is to ensure that our tests are always secure and accurate, with test results available only to a select few.

The security of test materials; the confidentiality of records and reports; standardized administration, and appropriate methods of test reporting, must be followed strictly and maintained without any discrepancies. PMaps ensures that we follow the strictest of protocols when it comes to the security of our tests and their results and reports!

So, to administer tests that are fully secure, you know where to go…PMaps!

8How and why our tests are customizable

At PMaps, we understand that you and your organization may have certain specific and special needs when it comes to choosing and administering a particular psychometric assessment test.

Our psychometric assessment tests in their existing form may not be the best match for your organization. You may need to create your own custom test to gauge and assess only the skills you have chosen. At PMaps, we allow you to create custom tests as per your requirements, by choosing a particular set of skills.

Drawing on our many years of expertise and experience, we can design custom tests for your organization in precisely the way you want. What’s more, our tests will perfectly match your organization’s values and needs.

We, at PMaps, will take a collaborative approach to test design for your organization, by first working with you to understand your role requirement, and then, creating an assessment test that precisely matches the set of skills you are hiring for.

 There are certain reasons why you should opt for custom tests. Some of them are:

You can build a test around exactly the kind of scenarios your candidates will experience and will have to deal with at work. We build up a picture of your organization and then create a custom test to meet your business needs.

Your candidates will first experience your organization through your psychometric assessment test. By providing them with a custom test, you can ensure that you send out the right message to them and can make that first impression count.

Your custom tests come with high predictive validity because they measure the types of skills that individuals will need to utilize, if hired.

Custom tests are a great way to differentiate your organization from others who are competing for the same pool of candidates. Most candidates in the current recruitment market will have experienced psychometric assessment tests. By administering a custom test, you can stand out from the crowd and can hire or retain the candidates that are a perfect fit.

So, if you want to create custom tests for your organization, you need to get in touch with PMaps and hire for the right set of skills!

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