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PMaps Sales Assessment

PMaps Sales Assessment is a behavioral assessment specifically designed to perceive the sales orientation and behavior of an individual to map their suitability in the front line Sales profile. It enables you to hire sales forces in your organization who have the right attitude and aptitude to meet their target, contributing to the business growth. Through our Sales Assessment tool you can streamline the sales hiring process to recruit the ideal candidates.

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Behavioral Assessments

Behavioral Traits like productivity, absenteeism, self-confidence, and teamwork determine the dedication and job responsiveness of the individual.

  • Sales Assessments (Channel Sales, Retail Sales, Telesales)
  • Customer Service Assessment (Bank, ITEs, Hospitality)
  • Collection Assessment

Skills Assessments

Problem-solving Skills involve cognitive thinking and reasoning while performing the job duties when faced with a crisis.

  • V&A Assessment
  • Coding Simulator Assessment
  • Chat Assessment
  • Social Media Assessment

Cognitive Assessment

Problem-solving Skills involve cognitive thinking and reasoning while performing the job duties when faced with a crisis.

  • Reasoning Ability (Numerical, Verbal, others)

Managerial Assessment

Hire the right people with true managerial traits to become a manager.

High Potential Assessment

Unlock true potentials with ease.

Leadership Assessment

Identify high-potential future team leaders.

Engagement (Climate) Surveys

Culture Assessment

Employability Assessment

Campus Hiring Assessment

Blue-Collar Hiring Assessment

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A leading staffing study

We improve Hiring Outcomes for Staffing Players through Quick and Automated Assessments


PMaps provides digital hiring tests & onboarding solutions to assess the skills required in the role of entry-level Insurance sales agents.


PMaps created a “ uccess profile” for the client by measuring psychometric differences between high-performing, successful employees and low-tenured low performing employees.


Achieves standardization of voice evaluation process; with overall accuracy of 89%

predictive analysis

Predict Sales Performance While Hiring Using PMaps Scientific Sales Assessments


Social desirability response bias in the scale – ‘assertiveness’ in indian context

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