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Apart from our wide and unique range of products and services, PMaps Assessments keeps their clients at ease and comfort by providing unique features and technology blend to give them a unique user experience, remote accessibility, easy monitorization over test performance, and true test scores of candidates.

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Thanks for conducting a psychometric assessment for our new hires. PMaps team designed and delivered customized assessment in quick turnaround time.
Subodh Juwatkar
AVP- Human Resources

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Online Exam Software

PMaps offers a wide variety of technological services for clients worldwide that speak volumes. The web and app-based solutions offered are unique and cater to the specific needs of the clients. They deliver an exclusive user experience through their distinct features and technological blend. PMaps enable remote accessibility and amongst other services provide online examination software. 

This online examination system provides a platform that makes monitoring the test performance easy and reveals accurate test scores of the candidates. Examinations and tests can be conducted on a large scale owing to technological innovations. Online exam management is developed to be supremely user-friendly to conduct, monitor, and evaluate examinations and tests online from remote locations. The advanced security features and expert monitoring services eliminate the use of unfair practices. 


Online Examination System’s Invigilator

PMaps’ invigilator for online exam conducting software is a tool that facilitates a candidate to undertake any test or exam under a highly supervised environment. In an online examination system, a remote invigilator is an inherent part of conducting online assessments and online exams, and such remote invigilation provides a flexible platform for the candidates to attend their exams and tests from wherever they please. Some of the unique features include: 

  • Device & Candidate Screenshot capture.
  • Prevents switching to other applications while taking the test. 
  • Log off all unwanted applications during the time of the tests.
  • Candidate Video capture
  • Surrounding Audio Capture


Benefits of using PMaps’ invigilator are as follows: –


  • The online exam software makes sure that the candidates get valid test attempts without any mischief.
  • There is no need for human intervention with the use of online examination software. As the exams and tests are conducted remotely this saves the hiring cost as well as time.
  • A glitch in the internet service does not impact the online assessment as the score is saved even in-network and power drain, to ensure that the data is not lost.
  • The online exam conducting software enables the monitoring of tests across geographical locations in any corner of the world. It eliminates the need of travelling to the exam venue, and it can be taken through electronic devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, or mobile phones from any location. 
  • The online exam management blends unique features like Webcam capture, Screenshot capture, and prevents switching to other applications. 


Who can use Online Examination Software?


Companies prefer to use PMaps’ invigilator as it reduces the effort of manual vigilance. The trained supervisors and technological advancements keep an eye on the candidates with minimum chaos from anywhere, anytime.

The online exam conducting software can be used by candidates off-campus from remote locations with ease. The candidates can even come to the location where the test is to be conducted. Such applicability of software provides flexibility to the host to conduct exams at any time under expert supervision, the smooth functioning and easy communication along with other unique features ensure high security.


API Integration 

API integration provides a platform that bridges the communication gap between PMaps executives and clients. It is an interface that ensures smooth operations and seamless performance of different applications. It enables the smooth transfer of data from PMaps’ platform to the client’s system. PMaps has also established integration with Taleo & PeopleStrong. Special features of API integration include:

  • Promotes easy communication between two applications without human interruption.
  • Through API the delivery of information and service has achieved new levels of flexibility.

The benefits include: –

  • The use of online examination software needs no special IT arrangements for using assessments and monitoring test scores.
  • The best part about using PMaps is that our clients can view their reports anytime from anywhere.

Our easy to install Standard API keys provides a seamless experience to clients build one-way or two-way API integrations for smooth functioning of operations. We also provide customized integration as per client requirements.


How Does an Online Examination System Provide a Blended Delivery Platform?


A blended delivery platform is easy and convenient to use, which can be operated on the web, desktop, and mobile applications. There is no need to install any additional hardware. The platform encapsulates a lot of unique features that make it comfortable to use, such as screen capture, audio & video recordings of the candidate’s behavior while taking the tests, and logs of all other unwanted applications during the time of the test.

These features contribute to reducing the time and efforts that would otherwise go into manual surveillance. With the key benefit of enabling the candidates to appear for the test or exam via their devices from any location at any time, the online examination system is gathering greater acceptance. 


How the Online Examination System Compares to Physical Test Centres

Over at PMaps, the online exam management we provide works for both on-campus and off-campus conduction of tests and examinations. Whether you are at the exam center using our software or at a distant location and attending the exam online, it works efficiently for both. Online invigilation through PMaps invigilator provides a tool to conduct tests and exams in a highly supervised environment. This presents an examination-hall-like experience to the candidates. Having such a platform has a massive scope of expansion as candidates can appear for the test through any electronic device from any location, whether it is their home or any other location, it is no longer obligatory to reach the examination center.

While conducting the test or exam via an online examination system, PMaps’ invigilators take numerous preventive measures to ensure no mischief occurs. The need for an invigilator to candidate ratio is eliminated and every candidate is closely observed to make sure no unfair practices are carried out. The high-quality video feed, screen capture, and features like webcam capture ensure that any suspicious behavior is caught on time. Lastly, it renders the comfortable conduction of exams and tests both for the candidate and the firm or organization hosting such an event.