"A Picture speaks thousand words."

PMaps patented assessments collect personality data using human interaction with images. We validate against 16 PF and candidates can complete our tests 3x faster than traditional assessments.

Designed for Everyone

Images make us mobile friendly for those who don’t have access to large screen devices, more accessible to imperfect readers, and easier to translate.

Backed by Vigorous Science

We've run dozens of multi-month studies with 21000s of participants so far. And we’ll do so continuously to ensure reliability and validity that stands up to the scrutiny of our scientific peers. Our science is well-documented.

Assessment Reliability

Our assessments are internally consistent and stable over time. Multiple studies have been conducted and show good test-retest reliability. Our flagship assessment reported Cronbach’s alpha of 0.66 to 0.77 for example.

Our assessments have been repeatedly validated against established 16 PF framework. Our construct validity for 16 PF ranges from 0.52 to 0.75, comparable to other questionnaires. Predictive Validity is established on a proprietary basis upon request.

All images are real life situation hence high on context and relatable for candidate’s across Asian population.

Traitify set out to investigate personality in the workplace and how it can be used to identify and develop talent. There is no better model for this than the 16 PF framework.

How it works

A host of services and solutions for our international clients that speaks volumes. We’re the leaders in web and App based solutions across the world.

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