Assess Candidates for Building Customer Service Teams.

PMaps Customer Service Assessment

PMaps visual-based customer service test measures a candidate’s aptitude and attitude to understand the customers needs, mood and expectations and their ability to offer a suitable and prompt solution to the customers.. Customer service assessment is a fun and easy-to-attend visual-based customer service ability test that favors the Gen-Zs attention span and assesses the suitability of their behavioral and cognitive profiles for the customer service roles.

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Behavioral Assessments

Behavioral Traits like productivity, absenteeism, self-confidence, and teamwork determine the dedication and job responsiveness of the individual.

  • Sales Assessments (Channel Sales, Retail Sales, Telesales)
  • Customer Service Assessment (Bank, ITEs, Hospitality)
  • Collection Assessment

Skills Assessments

Problem-solving Skills involve cognitive thinking and reasoning while performing the job duties when faced with a crisis.

  • V&A Assessment
  • Coding Simulator Assessment
  • Chat Assessment
  • Social Media Assessment

Cognitive Assessment

Problem-solving Skills involve cognitive thinking and reasoning while performing the job duties when faced with a crisis.

  • Reasoning Ability (Numerical, Verbal, others)

Managerial Assessment

Hire the right people with true managerial traits to become a manager.

High Potential Assessment

Unlock true potentials with ease.

Leadership Assessment

Identify high-potential future team leaders.

Engagement (Climate) Surveys

Culture Assessment

Employability Assessment

Campus Hiring Assessment

Blue-Collar Hiring Assessment

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We improve Hiring Outcomes for Staffing Players through Quick and Automated Assessments


PMaps provides digital hiring tests & onboarding solutions to assess the skills required in the role of entry-level Insurance sales agents.


PMaps created a “ uccess profile” for the client by measuring psychometric differences between high-performing, successful employees and low-tenured low performing employees.


Achieves standardization of voice evaluation process; with overall accuracy of 89%

predictive analysis

Predict Sales Performance While Hiring Using PMaps Scientific Sales Assessments


Social desirability response bias in the scale – ‘assertiveness’ in indian context

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