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Visual-Based Assessment Platform PMaps Secures INR 5 Crore

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We are truly humbled by the confidence placed in us by global investors, and we are elated to announce that our Series A funding round has successfully secured ₹5 Crore. This significant injection of capital was orchestrated under the astute leadership of two renowned entities: the Indian Angel Network and Lets Venture. These organizations are widely recognized for their expertise in bridging investors with promising startups like ours, and their involvement adds an extra layer of excitement to this milestone. 

PMaps is dedicated to harnessing technology to streamline and enhance the hiring process. Our journey began in 2015 when our founders, Saurabh Rana and Tarvinder Kaur, identified issues with the traditional approach to recruitment. The conventional methods heavily relied on written tests, which were slow, susceptible to manipulation, unfair and biased. Moreover, the process consumed a higher capital investment and struggled with continuous employee attrition. 

In response, we introduced a superior alternative: visual-based assessments. These assessments enable recruiters to identify the most suitable candidates for their roles, while also affording candidates an equitable opportunity to showcase their skills. Our language-agnostic assessment allows employers to build a diverse workforce with commendable output of on-job performance. We’ve ensured accessibility by making our platform user-friendly across web, desktop, and mobile devices. Additionally, our system seamlessly integrates with other platforms through our API.

Presently, we take pride in serving over 200 clients spanning 15 diverse industries, including banking, IT, retail, and education. Our impact extends to having assessed more than 2 million candidates and employees, reaffirming our commitment to revolutionizing the hiring landscape. We believe that this funding will help us grow even more. We plan to expand our product offerings, improve our technology, hire more talented people, and explore new markets in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. With their support, we’re ready to take our mission to the next level, making hiring easier and more efficient for everyone.

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