PMaps Partners with Accely to Deliver Cutting-Edge HR Solutions

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PMaps Assessment, a leader in the field of psychometric assessments, has set another partnership milestone with Accely, a global SAP consulting firm known for its specialization in SAP SuccessFactors and SAP HCM. Our collaborative efforts will span a range of areas, within HR processes covering everything from finding and nurturing individuals to carefully planning strategies for employee retention. 

The partnership aspires not only to elevate the standards of HR practices but also to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness through the astute infusion of cutting-edge technology and innovation. 

Accely is a global SAP implementation partner that offers SAP SuccessFactors, a cloud-based human capital management (HCM) solution. It helps clients streamline HR processes, enhance employee engagement, and improve business outcomes. It covers the entire employee lifecycle, integrates with other SAP solutions and a robust partner ecosystem, uses artificial intelligence and analytics, offers a mobile app, and supports more than 60 industries and 200 countries. 

PMaps Assessment is an HRtech platform that helps organizations better their hiring outcomes and manage talent efficiently. Our visual-based psychometric assessments are backed by powerful machine-learning techniques and data analytics. It is language agnostic and hence, it assures to gauge candidates objectively without any cultural and regional bias. It is smart and fast, just as per the unique taste of the Gen-Z candidates. It is meticulously developed by experienced psychologists for 400+ different job roles with more than 78% high accuracy.

While PMaps contributes with its cutting-edge technology of candidate assessment, Accely brings to the table a wealth of expertise and experience in delivering HR solutions with the power of SAP technology. This strategic partnership will enable businesses to achieve organizational goals by enabling seamless, time-saving, and efficient hiring and talent management. 

Ushering forth a stage of unparalleled value for our esteemed clients. Together, we stand as the vanguard shaping the future of HR practices, setting forth new paradigms and redefining historically established industry benchmarks. We are excited to witness the evolution we are about to bring to the HR industry. Join our alliance to unravel the best of 21st-century hiring tools and technologies.