Integration Partners – PMaps Assessment and Recruix Team Up to Make Hiring Better!

You are currently viewing Integration Partners – PMaps Assessment and Recruix Team Up to Make Hiring Better!
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Dive in to check for the brilliant core competencies and genuine skills of your applicants with integration partners PMaps and Recruix. Keep a close watch on your top talents from Day 1 with assistance from the top HRTech hiring portal and the scientific talent evaluation tool. 

Earn the combined benefits of a psychometric assessment test platform in a globally renowned Applicant Tracking System. We are here to serve a wider range of clients together with enhanced efficiency! Our partnership will change the way you hire with data-driven pre-employment tests and AI-Driven applicant tracking systems. 

What Does This Partnership Means for You?

It means elevated hiring experience and talent acquisition success! Does your top talent have the right skills, personality, behavior and is a fit for your culture? If not, you need to drop your conventional hiring process. Instead, we can ensure you stay ahead by assuring your talent choices with data driven insights. We acknowledge, hiring and managing talent is a challenging and important task for any organization. You need to find the best people for your team, but most importantly at the right time! 

That’s what PMaps and Recruix bring to the table. We have joined forces to offer you an all-in-one solution where you can post jobs, source talents, conveniently track, assess candidates, and onboard them. Our integration partner, Recruix’s AI-powered Hiring Manager Portal, now offers PMaps’ specialized pre-employment assessments on-the-go. Our combined solution will help you:

  • Test and screen candidates with top employability tests such as cognitive tests, behavioral tests, personality tests and skill tests while interacting effectively with the applicants on the system.
  • Simplify your hiring process and improve your hiring results with Recruix’s smart ATS test platform that uses AI to track progress, and displays reports of candidate evaluations. 
  • Get insights and view detailed reports of the analytics on your personal dashboard. Navigate through the interactive candidate profilers at Recruix’s multifunctional hiring platform.
  • Connect your existing human resource management systems and platforms with PMaps and Recruix’s easy integrations, making your HR operation more efficient and smooth.

How You Can Benefit from This Partnership

Hiring soon for the next financial year? This partnership will give you a powerful tool to optimize your talent management strategy. You can expect the following magnitude of transformation in just a few months of combined platform usage:

  • Save money by 65%, by using only one solution instead of many different tools and techniques. 
  • Save time by 75%, by speeding up the screening and selection process.
  • Keep your employees longer by 20%, by finding candidates who are not only qualified but also happy and loyal to your organization.

How to Get Started?

If you want to learn more about how PMaps and Recruix can help you change your talent acquisition and management process, we invite you to book a demo or contact us at or +917709196077. We would love to show you how our solution can help you achieve your goals!