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The integration partners, PMaps and Recruix unite forces to offer a potent blend of scientific talent evaluation and an AI-powered hiring portal. In this blog, we will explore how this partnership streamlines hiring, helps you align your recruitment with Emiratisation and diversity goals, optimize hiring strategies, and much more!

The reason behind our integration? Recruitment in the Middle East stands as a pivotal challenge as well as an exclusive opportunity. With the Emiratisation agenda, mandating a 2% annual increase in skilled hires propels the demand for qualified talent. 

As the government targets 75,000 Emirati hires in the private sector by 2026, employers face the dual task of attracting top talent while maintaining diversity and inclusion. 

In reaction to this, the Middle East HRs are actively embracing digital transformation. claims that 82% of employers use online job sites, and 77% employ AI tools for candidate screening. To take this initiative a step ahead, we join hands building a better future for hiring and talent management together.

PMaps: A Scientific Talent Assessment Tool

PMaps is a cutting-edge psychometric and skills assessment platform that helps employers measure workplace competencies across the employee lifecycle. PMaps offers standardized as well as customized psychometric assessments that enable recruiters to improve their hiring outcomes. Data-driven insights help them find the best talent fit for their organizations.

Features and benefits of PMaps:

  • Diverse Test Library: We provide a variety of pre-employment and post-employment tests that includes employability tests to evaluate candidates’ psychometric, cognitive, behavioral, and skills attributes, such as personality, aptitude, language, attention, high potential, and more.
  • Proctored Tests: We ensure the integrity and authenticity of online psychometric assessments by using proctoring and anti-cheating mechanisms, such as webcam monitoring, browser lockdown, and keystroke analysis.
  • Seamless Integration Partners: We integrate our products seamlessly with other HR and accounting platforms, such as ATS, CRM, and ERP, to streamline the recruitment process and enhance the efficiency and productivity of the HR team. The integration partners help us facilitate centralized data storage by consolidating information from various sources into one location. Consequently, our integration aids in maintaining a cohesive repository of information, enhancing accessibility, and simplifying data management processes. 
  • Dynamic Test Reports: We also provide in-depth and interactive reports and dashboards for all candidates, which can be easily interpreted and analyzed by business managers without any formal knowledge of psychometric theories. It presents the candidates’ strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement in a comprehensive manner. And facilitates insights on the trainability of your talents. 

We have helped many clients across various industries and sectors, such as ITES, BFSI, Pharma, Staffing, eCommerce, and Global Captive Centers, identify and select the best candidates for their roles, resulting in lower attrition rates, higher customer satisfaction scores, and better ROI on training investments. 

PMaps Assessment is a scientific pre-employment test and talent management test platform that can optimize hiring strategy and outcomes, in alignment with the Emiratisation agenda and the diversity and inclusion goals of Middle East employers.

Recruix: An Ai-Powered Hiring Manager Portal

Recruix is a cloud-based platform that helps hiring managers find and hire the best talent for their job openings. Recruix uses artificial intelligence and data science to automate and optimize the entire recruitment process, from job creation to candidate selection.

Features and benefits of Recruix:

  • Easy and intuitive job creation and posting: With Recruix, you can create and customize your job descriptions using smart templates and keywords. You can also post your jobs to multiple job boards and social media platforms with one click, reaching a wider and more diverse pool of candidates.
  • Smart and accurate job matching algorithm: It uses a proprietary algorithm that analyzes the skills, experience, and preferences of both the job and the candidates. It then ranks and recommends the most suitable candidates for each job, saving you time and effort in screening and shortlisting.
  • Comprehensive and interactive candidate profile: Recruix provides you with a rich and detailed profile of each candidate, including their resume, portfolio, video introduction, personality assessment, and feedback from previous employers. You can also interact with the candidates through chat, video call, or email and schedule interviews directly from the platform.
  • Collaborative and efficient hiring process: It enables you to collaborate with your team members and stakeholders throughout the hiring process. You can share notes, ratings, comments, and feedback on each candidate and track the progress and status of each job opening. You can also generate reports and analytics to measure and improve your hiring performance.

Recruix is the ultimate hiring manager portal that leverages the power of AI to help you find and hire the best talent using talent assessment for your job openings. It aims to help hundreds of clients across various industries and sectors in the Middle East such as  ITES, BFSI, Pharma, Staffing, eCommerce, and Global Captive Centers. The initiative of this partnership will streamline and optimize their recruitment strategies. 

How do PMaps and Recruix work together?

Integration partners PMaps and Recruix will provide a seamless and holistic recruitment solution for hiring managers in the Middle East and globally. By integrating their platforms, PMaps and Recruix offer a one-stop shop for creating, posting, matching, assessing, and hiring the best talent for any job opening.

How can you access and use PMaps’ Assessments on Recruix?

If you are already a user at Recruix, you are all set! You can access and use PMaps’ psychometric assessments on Recruix’s hiring manager portal with ease and convenience. You can choose from PMaps’ Test Library or request a customized psychometric assessment for your specific needs. You can also schedule and administer the pre-employment test to their candidates, and view the results and reports on the Recruix Hiring Manager portal.

How does the combined solution help users?

  • Align with the Emiratisation agenda and foster a diverse and inclusive workforce: PMaps and Recruix support this agenda by providing a psychometric assessment platform providing culture tests along with employment assessments for hiring managers to attract, assess, and hire the right Emirati talent.
  • Leverage the power of AI and Automation to attract, assess, and hire the best talent in the Middle East: PMaps and Recruix enable users to access a large and diverse pool of candidates in the Middle East market and to match them with the most suitable jobs based on their skills, experience, and preferences. We speed up your candidate evaluation and hiring by 75%, making your recruitment process more efficient. 

We also help our users evaluate the candidates’ competencies and potential using scientifically validated and globally benchmarked psychometric assessments on our test platform. Our partnership facilitates smooth communication and collaboration between users and candidates throughout the hiring process.

  • Save time, money, and resources while enhancing the quality and efficiency of their recruitment process: As your integration partners, we will help you streamline and optimize your recruitment process by automating and integrating the various steps and tasks involved. It cuts down your hiring cost by 65% by integrating and simplifying your tools and processes.

We can also provide organizations with data-driven insights through predictive analytics to measure and improve their hiring effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Increase employee retention and protect company culture: PMaps and Recruix help companies to hire candidates who are not only qualified and competent but also aligned and engaged with the organization’s vision, mission, and values.

Our solutions boost employee engagement and retention by 20% with candidates who fit both the job and your organizational culture.

We can help you foster a positive and supportive work environment that encourages employee loyalty, satisfaction, and growth. We also provide our joint users with tools and feedback to monitor and improve employee engagement and performance.

We are the perfect integration partners for hiring managers in the Middle East who want to find and hire the best talent for their job openings. We leverage the power of AI and data science to save time, money, and resources while enhancing the quality and efficiency of their recruitment process.


PMaps and Recruix joint services, can help you align your hiring strategies with the Emiratisation agenda and foster a diverse and inclusive workforce in the Middle East.

With our advanced AI and Automation model, you can attract and assess your candidates with advanced personality tests, cognitive tests, and skill tests. And hire the best talent in the competitive job market. We help you cut down on your hiring costs, speed up your candidate evaluation, and boost your employee engagement and retention. Ultimately, we aim to increase your employee retention and help protect your company culture.

To learn more about this partnership, you can contact us at and +917709196077. You can also book a free demo and experience the difference for yourself!


The Big Five Personality Traits, known as the OCEAN model, include Openness to Experience, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. These traits capture various aspects of an individual’s personality, such as eagerness for new experiences, organizational skills, sociability, interpersonal tendencies, and emotional stability. Together, they form a comprehensive framework for understanding individual differences and behaviors in diverse contexts.

The personality trait that measures your desire to interact with others is “Extraversion” in the Big Five personality model. Individuals high in extraversion tend to be outgoing, social, and energized by interactions with others, while those low in extraversion may be more reserved and prefer solitary or small-group activities.

The personality trait theory is a psychological framework that suggests that there are consistent and enduring patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that can be used to describe and differentiate individuals. This theory posits that these patterns, known as personality traits, are relatively stable over time and across various situations. The Big Five Personality Traits, namely Openness to Experience, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism (OCEAN), are a prominent example of a personality trait theory. This theory provides a structured way to understand and categorize individual differences in personality, offering insights into how people are likely to behave and interact in various circumstances.

Personality tests play a crucial role in employee selection by ensuring a cultural fit within the organization, aligning candidates with specific job roles, and predicting their potential performance.