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[Funding roundup] FreshR, Spardha, PMaps, TGP raise early-stage capital

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We are elated to announce our strategic collaboration with esteemed partners, LetsVentures and the Indian Angel Network. These visionary entities wholeheartedly share our mission of revolutionizing the talent assessment industry through the implementation of visual-based solutions. At PMaps, we firmly believe that our cutting-edge platform possesses the capability to empower employers in their quest to discover the ideal candidates who not only match their job requirements but also seamlessly integrate with their organizational culture. 

With this robust support and a recent accomplishment of securing ₹5 Crore in Series A funding, PMaps is poised for expansion and innovation. Our foremost objective is to broaden our range of product offerings, further enhance our artificial intelligence capabilities, and extend our global footprint. This strategic growth will enable us to impact a wider array of markets with our trailblazing products and services.

Moreover, PMaps is committed to forging partnerships with educational institutions and skill development organizations. This collaboration aims to empower students and job seekers to understand their own potential and competence, equipping them with the essential skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of the modern workforce. We are dedicated to ensuring candidates’ experience of our assessments as a positive and engaging process.

PMaps is a budding trailblazer in visual-based candidate assessment, enjoys the trust and confidence of over 200 HR professionals and decision-makers. Our unwavering commitment to excellence, backed by a dynamic team and cutting-edge technology, has solidified our reputation for consistently delivering value and providing best-in-class service.

The investors who have joined us in this journey recognize PMaps’ boundless potential to emerge as a global leader in the talent assessment arena. Our innovative and continuously evolving psychometric tools are primed to redefine industry standards and elevate talent assessment to unprecedented levels of accuracy and effectiveness. We are committed to leading the way in shaping the future of talent assessment, both in India and on the global stage.

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